This one was a virtual walkthrough of a model store used as a tool for the corporate office to train their franchisees and employees. We had a few meetings to decipher the best way to do this. We set the nice-to-have but really complex option where I would recreate the interior of a store using 3DMAX. It would have been really neat looking but pricey because I would need to figure out how to add all the products, or insert pictures of each rack.  Another option was to photo scan the whole store like Google Earth does to allow the ability to pan around, but it would need an operator during the walkthrough. The final idea was the most simple, take photos, put them in sequence and count on animation to add the spice that avoids boredom. The third option was a fraction of the cost and time of the first, but they really wanted the polish of the first option. We ended up making a fourth option that fused a bit of each into a really sleek day-in-the-life of the model store. No reason to break the bank if we can find a balanced approach. Need-to-haves sprinkled with nice-to-haves is sometimes better than having it all, but it is always more prudent.

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