A single ant stumbles upon a Cheetos crumb and begins marking the way to dinner. Later, his friends go marching one by one following this consistent promise of food. Similarly, a brand is a promise that marks a pathway towards consistent quality experiences. A logo is a signal serving as a reminder of expectations. It is an invitation to engage while also a trigger for memories of previous satisfactory outcomes. When the identity is reinforced by a consistent presentation, a powerful messenger of a promise will emerge.  When that promise is remembered, a connection history is developed in the synapses of the brain rewiring it to fire upon seeing a particular logo.   If ants get a Cheetos alert, they follow.



Since prehistoric times flowers knew wind alone would not cut it. In order to increase the chances of wider and more successful pollination, flowers organized into a symbiotic rainbow to attract various birds and insects each partial to their own favorite hues.  When it comes down to the final dance with a possible client, a clear and consistent message working in symbiosis with visual cues will make those ideas stick.  When a vision of partnership is expertly presented, a magnetism results. And once the book has been judged worthy by its cover, the worth of the pages will also most likely be considered.  All bumble bees know that daisies have the best nectar, so they keep their sensors peeled for yellow.



When it came to using long sticks to harvest ants from a hill, one renaissance monkey was the inventor and he was quickly imitated by early adopters. Others were unimpressed and continued to wait patiently for each ant to surface grabbing them one by one. The Technology Acceptance Model says that users will adopt a new technology based on two main underlying factors. One is the Perceived Usefulness or how much the user feels the technology will actually benefit them.  The other is the Perceived Ease-Of-Use or how much the user believes the technology would be free from effort.  When a monkey realizes that it is easier to get more ants with a stick, he will put that technology to actual use.