Q?If I tell you I need it at a certain time, how will you handle my deadlines?

The first recorded use of the word deadline was: “Seventeen feet from the inner stockade was the ‘dead-line’, over which no man could pass and live.” History of the Civil War (1868)
Once I accept the job, that is how I treat deadlines.

Q?What are your prices?

$75 for design work. $100 for brand work. $150 for animation and 3D. $750 on-site day rate. Contact me with the skinny and I will get an estimate back to you immediately.

Q?If I asked you to design something, what software would you use?

I create all my graphics in vector format in Illustrator. I image retouch and manipulate in Photoshop. Multipage documents are compiled in inDesign. Presentations are done in Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi. Animations and renderings are built in 3DSMAX and After Effects. Video editing happens in Vegas and Premiere. Client chooses Mac or PC.

Q?What type design projects do you take?

I specialize in theatrical event and pursuit design, but consider all types of design jobs. Hit me and I will make it pretty.

Q?What types of presentations do you build? What kinds of interfaces?

I have created hundreds of powerpoints that ended up winning billions of dollars of jobs for my clients.  I have created looks for the largest stages in front of thousands of people. I can handle your Prezi, After Effects and 3DsMax jobs and edit your videos too.

Q?What is your favorite project type to work on?

I like to make lesser things look better. I like to chase wins. I like to wow audiences big and small. I like to be the “go-to” guy with a design eye.