Sometimes these shows are in-house or small audience, but a high end look is still required to wow.  Like wearing a new suit will make you feel successful, so goes it with the visuals that you chose to show while making your points.  For this project I just needed to stay true to the brand look but not favor any flavor over the other. So I chose universally used brand elements, leaves and brand ribbon as the main elements and then developed some supplementary elements that will help convey a number of ideas like the gears, planting a seedling, multi fruit stack, field shots and fruit trees all the while keeping a close eye on staying true to the brand. This event was to wow the bossmen and big stakeholders about sustainability. I think it worked because fast forward years later and they are now VPs somewhere else. They brought me with them to their new gigs as their secret weapon. We keep them moving up.  For some speakers, a small in-house show could be as important as a convention center event with 30,000 people. I treat them all the same.


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