Most of the shows on my site are much more than the collage of stills I am allowed to show. The mood boards on the pages that follow represent complex show business spectacles for both the screen and the real world events. Big screen, site graphics, stage graphics, animations, video, brochures, newsletters, window clings, banners, booths, signage, billboards, advertising, social media, email templates, name tags, event apps, scavenger hunts, mascot plushies, you name it, designing for an event requires final deliverables in many forms using vendors of every kind with buy-in from both in-house teams and agencies. Juggling all that into a wow moment is fun stuff while the nature of the event realm allows me to mix it up and explore new territories by client request.

I am a roving creative director, art director, presentation and information designer and have done it in the VR/3D and UX/UI realms too. Sometimes I do it all, sometimes I run point, sometimes I focus on a chunk among a much larger team of experts. It is good to work with people at the top of their game.

Due to NDA and confidentiality agreements, “protected” projects are not for public consumption. Let me know you want to see more and we can get together for a walk-through of all the secret files.

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