Jamba has some good stuff cooking, check out the insanity that their new agency just knocked out. Just gotta! The new Jamba is rebranding as bold, fun and hip.

Before they created this, an exec called me in to lead some exploration for an event and their brand in general. They have some super cool art murals going up as signature pieces and a pastel palette for their identity package, but they brought me in to bust the borders and create some wow for this push into a new future for them. I advised them to embrace full saturation with the deep rich colors of their products to really resonate with the target audience.

So as I blueprinted it out, I reversed course on their imagery focus moving away from vector illustrations of fruit on white and pastels to a more abstract realism of their actual smoothies up close. Throw in some line drawing takes on their iconography and actual real photos of fruit and all of a sudden we look bold, just like their flavors.

They were stoked, felt like a million bucks, and have a new direction to embrace. We will see how that initial brand busting session translates now as they build it out into their marketing and stores.

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