Serving as Agency of Record for this start-up (they called me the Director of Design on their org chart) I did it all on this project.  First, I helped them pick their name, colors, new logo and identity. I designed their website, their entire app, and their e-commerce site: from top to bottom including those cool animations and videos. I built dozens of social media assets that pulled in insane CTR, view durations, and conversions. I helped formulate good stories for their pitch decks, demo sessions and equipped them with high level brand assets for virtual and live events. Plus I wrote all of their slogans, mottos and taglines and knocked out any print work they needed.

This was my fifth run as a one-stop-shop / one-man-agency. Timelines turned over quickly and I had my hands on everything…fun stuff. Creating an identity and then pulling it all the way through all the various channels really requires skills sharpened in many directions. Out of necessity Jack-of-all-trades/Master-of-all-trades seems to be the way to be for start-ups.

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