Home Depot needed an explainer to be delivered on a kiosk at a customer service convention for the purpose of quickly relaying all the customer service tools and initiatives available to their employees.  We had some messaging meetings with the creative director and strategy team at Home Depot where we developed the content map. Then I jumped in with the marketing team to gather video, pictures, and finalize with icons to tell the tale.  We formatted this one like a day in the life complete with a store walkthrough so managers could skip around to get the entire picture while they choose the clicks. This resulted in a unique user journey for every session and high usage rates. Once we had that story boarded out and gathered or created the content to match, we lined up the buttons and clicks, inserted nice builds and transitions and then packaged everything together for a pro show that mirrors the external branding and teases the future of augmented reality and “Store Mode” in the stores.  Non-linear learning seems to increase information absorption by fostering a better grasp of the relationships between each subset and the whole.


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