Working with a creative team and production techs we successfully pulled off the launch event for Hedera Hashgraph in the Sega Theatre, Times Square. I worked with various creatives to build a show ready file complete with video, animated transitions and builds. I then worked directly with all the speakers in final sprint rehearsal┬ásessions to hone their messages, refine and rearrange their content, and perfect click cadence and timings. These war room meetings are confidence building exercises for speakers where I make them feel that everything behind them will be handled so they can then focus on the delivery of their message. We pulled it all together with no hiccups. The room was tight and the audience small but the impact was big. It was also live streamed with a separate switcher so this is the internet edit that misses a lot of the good motion. I am always focused on the show during the show, so seldom have a chance to document a final for use on this site … I show what I can. Anyway, this one had an entertained audience and a happy client who then hired me to build their standard corporate materials.



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