This one was a combination of two big established brands for a summit on the years ahead. ┬áIn this case it is my job to help facilitate info relay and stay mostly out of the way visually, nothing obstructive, nothing ornate, nothing that says “hey look at me I am a fancy designer” yet, I still need to conjure up some kind of visual differentiator to set the stage for a unique event. Balancing these tasks is a delicate process. I need to go straight forward with attention to brand standards and clear information design but I also need to balance the looks to pay homage to both brands equally with an event look that sets it apart.

When I jump into a project like this I get access to a treasure chest of brand assets to develop an idea to make it all happen. It’s like Christmas morning to get all that pro eye candy. I grabbed a bunch of cool fun shots of kids and happy people and went with the orbiting dots as a design element to utilize throughout the show but to also provide a bit of flair on the interstitial looks throughout in various ways. I think this was the show where they sent me a thank you note as a six pack of Coke bottles with Superman and such written on them.

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