The program management team at Heery International needed something with a hook to win the work on a renovation at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  The client was looking for a way to speak to the center director without concentrating too much on Heery’s previous experience since they did not have many theatrical/museum type projects. I figured the best way to speak to the director was to speak to the reason he was there in the first place. So I found that picture of the children in the audience and added the tagline “oooo ahhh awww” to focus on the real benefactors of a renovated space and their reaction to it and the creativity within.

As soon as the director opened the book and saw that page, he hired Heery.  The team did not even get to the meticulously planned strategy, talking points, presentation and boards – they just jumped right into a walk through while brainstorming the project as one team. A single concept sealed the deal proving home runs might always be one graphic away. This is one of my favorite success stories.  That place looks great now too.

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